Health and Safety

We have been making some changes at Bliss Hair Studio to do our best to maintain everyone’s health and safety.

We are limiting the number of people in the salon per day and to do that, we are limiting the number of stylists per day. We ask the following things from you: that you come alone to your appointment to help us maintain that, you wait outside the salon where your stylist will come to get you when the area is sufficiently sanitized. During this time, we do not have a waiting area.

We have spread out our stations and created barriers so that you and your stylist can be in a safe space. Please bring your clothing and personal items with you.

We ask that you come wearing a mask. We will be wearing them as well, along with face shields.

We have sanitized the entire salon. We are taking fewer appointments during the day to allow for extra cleaning. We are cleaning our stations before the start of each day, sanitizing and disinfecting our equipment, shampoo area and station after every client. All capes, robes and towels are laundered after every client.

We will not be providing magazines or beverages. Please don’t bring food with you. You cannot eat in the salon. Please leave your mask on if you are drinking a beverage. This helps keep your stylist safe.

Please minimize what your bring with you into the salon. If possible leave extra bags and shopping at work or home. Please leave all bikes outside.

Only the stylists will be handling retail products with gloves. All retail products have been disinfected.

 If you need to take off your mask to dust off your face, please go to the washroom. We will happily give you a piece of paper towel.

We will not be accepting walk-ins or foot traffic. If you would like an appointment or to purchase products, please call your stylist directly  604 802 2157 or the salon at 604 685 1147. We will happy meet you at the door with your purchase. We will accept tap broken down into denominations so no touch is required. If you do not like to tap, we have a disposable piece of plastic that will be discarded after each use.

We are all in this together.
I hope you all have been keeping healthy. I look forward to catching up with you

I’ll be wearing a mask and shield in order to continue working with your great hair.